Friday, 30 November 2012

Chapter 7 Jimmy and the caboose

Train crews that travelled together for long periods were very innovative in order to pass the time. Many times on still periods trains were late during the night.

Whilst stationed at Rutenga during the building of the rail link to Beit Bridge I contacted the train by radio asking them where they were.

“We are having a bit of loco trouble but should be there in about half an hour” said Jimmy.

Half an hour passed and I heard the whistle and let the train into the station.

“Want some Kudu meat? Jimmy shouted as they came past me.

“Thanks” I replied.
The train had stopped and with a point 22 rifle they shot a Kudu next to the track.
The whole crew being 2 drivers, 2 firemen, 2 guards and 2 cooks got out, pulled the Kudu to the door of the caboose and hooked the legs with a winch and winched it into the dining room of the caboose.

The winch clipped onto the door frame of the caboose and the cable was attached to the winch with a hook on the front, this was reeled in with a pulley and a ratchet.

They had stopped, shot, loaded, gutted the Kudu and cut it up and also cleaned the caboose within 20 minutes. That is what I call ingenuity.

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Ref. Rhodesia

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