Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chapter 26 Big croc

Whilst living in Wankie we used to visit the Wankie Angling and Boating club often. This was where the Dekka river joins the Zambezi and was a prime fishing venue.

In my boat we used to go upriver to the rapids and then drift downstream while spin casting for tiger fish, then start the engine again when the water starts to slow down as you enter the Kariba dam , and motor upstream while trolling up to the rapids and repeat the whole process again.

The Zambezi makes a big “S” and before you enter the slow water there is a big rock in the centre of the river called “Black rock”. During the rainy season the rock is completely submerged but in the dry season it is about 6 inches below the water.

Many a boat had a run in with this rock and broken propellers were a result.

The rock was about 5 metres from the bank and between the roots of the trees on the bank lived a huge crocodile. It must have had a run in with a boat propeller when it was young because it’s snout was a little shorter than it’s lower jaw. It was viscous and would chase any boat that came too near.

It used to be a game to cruise slowly past his hiding place and tease him and then accelerate when he comes after you.

BEWARE OF ROCKS if you go upstream towards Deka Do not attempt to go past "Black Rock" without a guide, unless you really think you know what you are doing and have done it before.

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Ref. Rhodesia

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