Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chapter 22 The Swimming pool

 While on relief at Mbizi station I came across a swimming pool which had been sorely neglected. The water was dark green from the algae and the filter was not helping at all. I decided to do something about it as Mbizi was in the lowveld and it was midsummer and very hot.

Weed killer was the answer and the only place close by was a farmer who should have some. After my shift I decided to go to the farm and try to get some.

The farmer was very helpful and gave me a litre of weed killer. He said that he and his wife would like to come and swim at the pool when I had doctored it.

I poured the weed killer into the pool and within a day it had regained it’s blue colour. I gave it a good dose of chlorine and was pleased to see that it was indeed clean enough to swim in.

After my shift ended at 8 that evening I decided to go and have a swim.
There only being men at the station I went skinny dipping and left the lights off.

After a while I was surprised when the lights were switched on and the farmer and his wife walked up to come and cool off. They were surprised to see me in the pool and started chatting, me in the water in my birthday suit.

What an embarrassment!

Eventually the farmer realised my predicament and asked his wife to please go and fetch their drinks in the car which gave me the opportunity to dash off to my room and pull my swimming trunks on.

This was the joke of the station for a long time.

Ref. Rhodesia

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