Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chapter 15 Lights out

I was stationed at Seruli during my early days on the railways. Steam trains usually ran through this station unless they had to cross or pass other trains or take in water. When a train had to run through the orders were handed to the driver and guard with a fibreglass loop with a handle and a canvas pouch that was used to push the paper order into.

One day a train was to run through and I passed the orders up to the driver as the train came past and the next moment I was lights out.

When I came too, I was lying on my bed in the single quarters with a worried Stationmaster leaning over me.

What had happened was that as I turned away after handing up the orders to the driver, a piece of coal the size of a size 10 shoe fell off the tender and smacked me full on the face. If I had turned away 10 degrees more I would not be writing these stories but it had hit me squarely flat between the eyes.

My face was swollen for a few days and I had black eyes for weeks afterwards.

Ref. Rhodesia

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