Friday, 30 November 2012

Chapter 4 Gary and the leopard

As I have explained before, trains have to cross or pass one another on single tracks. On the section between Dett and Sawmills a train was put into the loop in order to cross another train.

When this happens the guard usually goes to the front of the train and uses the telephone to contact the control centre to ask what was happening.

Gary walked to the phone and asked control how far the opposing train was from them. He was told that it should be there in about 10 minutes time.

Gary walked back to his guards van and as he climbed into the van he was startled by a leopard that jumped between his legs onto the ground.

As I have also explained, sometimes goods were carried in the guards van, and in this case some chickens were carried in a woven basket.

When Gary walked away the leopard entered the van and was busy eating the chickens until Gary surprised him on his return.

Ref. Rhodesia

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