Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chapter 10 The Irish

During the 60’s, the railways imported a lot of Irishmen to employ as guards and they were stationed at various centres in the country. One such place was a little railway town called Dett situated right next to the Wankie game reserve.

Most of the streets were dirt road with only one tar road running into the town up to the railway club.

Early one morning, at approximately 2 o’clock, one of the drivers awoke from a commotion in the street outside his house. Getting up he decided to investigate and what he saw was terrifying.

The Irishman was standing in the street and throwing stones at the “dogs” fighting in the road from about 5 yards away.

“What are you doing?” he shouted at him.

“I’m trying to chase these dogs away that are disturbing my sleep” was the reply.
“These dogs, as you call them, are lions!”

The Irishman jumped over the fence to the house backwards!

Ref. Rhodesia

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