Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chapter 28 Zambezi in flood

During my off days one April I went to the Wankie Angling and Boating club to go fishing. What a sight, the river was in flood and was considerably higher than I had ever seen it but the water was clean, not muddy as you would expect. This was because the rains fell in Angola and the mud was settled before it even reached the Victoria falls. I launched my boat and went upstream to the rapids which were nearly under water. Tying the boat to a tree on the bank I proceeded to try and catch some fish. One rod I left in the water with a piece of meat on it.

After about half an hour I noticed the rod that was in the water was slowly being dragged to the edge of the boat. Quickly I grabbed it and started to reel it in finding that there was a barbell on the hook. As I lifted the fish into the boat I noticed that it was an electric barbell and I certainly was not going to try and take the hook out. Leaving the fish in the bottom of the boat I returned to the launching site and called for my servant to come and get the fish. I lifted the fish with the rod and he grabbed it but let go of it immediately. “What’s wrong” I asked him. “It stings me” he replied. I then explained to him what it was and how to get the hook out. “First you grab a stick and kill it before you try to get the hook out” I told him which he did but that day he learned a valuable lesson.

Ref. Rhodesia


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