Friday, 30 November 2012

Chapter 6 Nick and the loco

Standing on the loop at Ingezi station, train 320 was also busy changing crews. 

Usually the diesel loco was shut down if it was going to stand for more than 10 minutes but this was not done and it was idling. Nick was the new driver and while standing in the door of the loco the other driver, Gert, shouted from the door of the caboose.

Nick could not hear him and shouted back.

“What did you say?”

“Mumble mumble “ Gert shouted

“What are you saying?’ Nick shouted again.

Gert shouted again, but still Nic did not hear him.

“Wait, I’ll shut down the engine so I can hear you” Nick said.

“Don’t shut down the engine” Gert said as silence fell, “It won’t start again”

There they sat and waited for 3 hours until a loco electrician came and fixed the problem.

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Ref. Rhodesia

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