Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chapter 25 Star pistol

Whilst stationed at Rutenga, I wore my pistol to work at night during the terrorist war. It was a Star 9mm pistol.
One night I was on my way to hand paper orders to a driver and guard when the driver asked me about my pistol.
I showed him the pistol and removed the magazine from the gun to show him that it would not fire if the magazine was out. With the magazine in my left hand I pulled the trigger and a shot went off with the bullet hitting my left hand. Luckily the driver was standing on my right so he was safe.
Here I was with a hole in my hand but very little blood. I walked to the office and called the stationmaster to ask him to come and cover my shift while I received medical attention.
The only doctor was 90 miles away but there was a forward airfield nearby with a doctor and medics. Someone took me to the medical tent in a vehicle where the doctor injected me with a painkiller and cut away the burnt flesh. I spent the night in the medical tent and was taken to Fort Victoria the next day to see my doctor.
The pistol was checked for faults but it was ascertained that it could not be fired without the magazine being in place.
The devil had a say in that nights happenings.


Ref. Rhodesia

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  1. I guess one bullet must have been in the chamber.